Research Experience

Human Robot Interaction based on Machine Learning

In this project, we try to learn hierarchical knowledge of different interactions from human demonstration videos based on MCMC and generate motion for the robot (Baxter).

For details of the project, please refer to the paper: Tianmin Shu*, Xiaofeng Gao, Michael S. Ryoo, Song-Chun Zhu. Learning Social Affordance Grammar from Videos: Transferring Human Interactions to Human-Robot Interactions, which published in the Proceedings of 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. As a second author, I focus on programming, simulation, dataset collection and testing our model on Baxter.



UAV-Based Large Scale Outdoor Object Reconstruction System

We propose a new solution for 3D reconstruction of large scale outdoor objects. Taking advantages of UAV’s mobility and flexibility, our system can reconstruct precise 3D model of large scale outdoor object in a short time.

With this system, my teammates Yang Liu, Ruikang Li, Yanqi Huang get the First Prize in the 2016 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Invitational Contest. As an early member of the team, my task includes programming, system designing and building part of the hardware system.

For details of the project, please refer to the thesis (English Version).


Notable Course Projects

Project of Communication Principles: Development of a Practical Wireless Communication System

We propose an practical wireless communication system which utilizes computer sound cards to transmit information (e.g. text, image) at audible frequencies. To ensure robustness and maximum transmission speed of the system, we further test the sound card’s frequency response to evaluate the channel and choose appropriate frequency band, which is from 8kHz to 16kHz. As a time division duplex (TDD) system, it can work in harsh conditions (e.g. when someone is playing music by the computer) while reaching transmitting speed of 1600 bps.

See demos here (Video1 | Video2).
Project of Information Theory:  Image Encoder Design

We propose a new image encoder, including a source encoder and a channel encoder. We design the source encoder mainly based on the JPEG standard and implement it with C. Cyclic redundancy check and "Fire" Code is adopted as channel encoder to ensure a reliable transmission. Based on Simulink, our simulation of both BSC channel and AWGN channel demonstrates that the function of our system is fully realized with stable performance.


Other Coursework

Project of Computer Systems: Dynamic Memory Allocator

Designed a dynamic storage allocator with C programming, i.e. implemented my own version of malloc, free, and realloc. Used Segregated free list as the data structure and achieved performance index of 98 out of 100.

Project of Digital Circuits: Taximeter Control System based on FPGA

Designed a taximeter based on FPGA. Used Xilinx ISE to design all the submodules and circuits of the taximeter, which can manually set the fee and display both the time and expense.

Project of High Frequency Electronics: Parallel Coupled Bandpass Filter

Designed a bandpass filter using parallel coupled bandpass filter. Used Advanced Design System (ADS) to optimize and simulate the S-parameter of the filter.